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Bishop Jarrett has asked the priests to pass on a request to you an opportunity that presents itself through our State Parliament. The bill known as Zoe's Law has already passed the NSW lower house, the Legislative Assembly, by a handsome majority. But it faces a challenge in the Legislative Council. We saw on TV last week vocal opponents demonstrating against it on International Women’s Day, and we may be sure that strong lobbying by opposing groups is being focused on members of the Legislative Council.

Zoe’s Law is due to be debated in the NSW Legislative Council in the next week or so.


What is Zoe’s Law and why is it important?

‘Zoe’s Law’ Bill allows a person to be charged with the grievous bodily harm of a foetus that is either 20 weeks old or 400 grams in weight. This is done by allowing the child in the womb to be treated as a person.


It’s important to understand that this Bill is not about abortion or other forms of murder within the womb.  Contrary to the arguments used by the anti-life side of the argument, the new bill does not apply to anything done with a pregnant women’s consent or during a medical procedure or an abortion.

‘Zoe’s Law’ Bill came about because Brodie Donegan lost her baby when she was 36 weeks pregnant after being hit by a car. The driver was under the influence of drugs. The driver was charged with the offence against the mother, but the law did not recognise the loss of her baby as a separate offence. This new law will ensure that such a situation never happens again.

Miranda Devine wrote an article on this topic in the ‘Daily Telegraph’ in September 2013 and you can read it here


The Bill passed the lower house easily. It will be very close in the upper house. Many MLCs are undecided, but they have been receiving large volumes of emails from an organised anti-Zoe’s law coalition.  We must change this situation with a tide of support for the bill. It may come down to one or two votes either way.

At the doors of the church are some petitions which you are invited to sign. Will you please consider the promotion of this cause, by email or ordinary post. We do stand a chance if there is a clear groundswell in favour of the Bill from ordinary voters. 


The most effective way to fight for this Bill is to send individual letters to members of the Legislative Council.  There is a link on the parish website with the information you need.  Otherwise, go to:

You should write to all members as they are all elected on a proportional basis for the whole state of N.S.W. 


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