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July - September 2015


18th September 2015:  Cubans hope coming Papal visit will rekindle faith 

16th September 2015:  11th meeting of the Council of Cardinals 

15th September 2015:  Full list of participants in the Synod on the Family during October 

11th September 2015:  British MPs reject euthanasia bill in parliament 

10th September 2015:  Marriage between a man and a woman is under attack says Pope 

8th September 2015:  presentation of Papal reforms to annulment process 

1st September 2015:  Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI celebrated Mass for his old theology group at the Teutonic cemetery at the Vatican 

1st September 2015:  Pope's letter on the upcoming Year of Mercy 

12th August 2015:  Colombian bishops give clear explanation of recent seemingly ambiguous comments of Pope Francis re reception of Holy Communion 

7th August 2015:  Chinese episcopal ordination - first for three years 

24th July 2015:  Pope's 'staycation' in late July 

16th July 2015:  lessons from Sth America on how to greet Pope Francis 

16th July 2015:  'Catholic Bytes' podcast (2 priests & one deacon) from Rome in English especially for the young 

16th July 2015:  financial statements for Holy See and Vatican City State 

15th July 2015:  Archbishop Anthony Fisher of Sydney speaks of how people cannot be forced or bullied into changing their legitimate view of marriage 

13th July 2015:  Papal press conference on flight from Paraguay back to Rome 

9th July 2015:  Pope apparently 'not amused' by sickle and crucifix presented by Communist President of Bolivia 

8th July 2015:  difficulty for Hobart Archbishop with new marriage leaflet 

6th July 2015:  Argentinians travel to Bolivia and Paraguay to see and hear their countryman, Pope Francis 

4th July 2015:  Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI receives award from Polish Pontifical University 

1st July 2015:  3 Catholic Rites celebrated at English Walsingham shrine 


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