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Xavier Catholic College is the realisation of a 30 year dream for Ballina Parish. After a number of false starts over recent years the buildings commenced in June 1999 and the first students came through the gates in January 2000.

Xavier Catholic College, 2 Redford Drive, Skennars Head, opened its doors on the 31st January 2000 with 118 Year 7 students in 4 classes. Stage One of the five stage project was built to accommodate years 7 and 8 although only year 7 was enrolled for 2000. In 2001 another 130 year 7 students as well as another class of year 8 students were enrolled taking the total number to 258 students with 5 classes in both year 7 and year 8 for a total of 10 classes. In 2002 extra classes were added to Years 8 and 9 and 6 classes were enrolled in Year 7 so that there were 18 classes with 420 students in years 7, 8 and 9. In 2003 24 classes with 575 students in years 7, 8, 9 and 10 enrolled at Xavier. In 2004 we had 710 students in Years 7 to 11. In 2005 we enrolled 840 students in Years 7-12. The college is designed as a six stream school and it is anticipated that it will reach its maximum enrolment this year.

(taken from the school website)



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